What’s new in Simple.Validation 0.3.1?

Silverlight 4

The entire Simple.Validation library has been compiled for Silverlight and included in the NuGet package.

Conditional Property Validators

An If() method has been applied to the following property validators:

When If() is called with the required Predicate, the validator will only apply when the condition specified by the Predicate is met.

        public void If_PredicateIsFalse_ShouldNotValidate()
            // Arrange
            var validator = Properties<Employee>
                .For(e => e.Age)
                .If(e => e.Age != -1)

            // Act
            var employee = new Employee()
                Age = -1
            var results = validator.Validate(employee);

            // Assert
            Assert.That(results, Is.Empty);


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