Draw Abstractions from Concretes

It’s often tempting to draw a more abstract solution to the problem you’re currently facing. It seems wrong to handled the the local concrete case when you know you’re going to be doing something very similar soon. Why not build a more abstract solution now and reuse it later?

There’s a principle in software called YAGNI. “You Aren’t Going to Need It.” The ideas behind YAGNI are that you shouldn’t introduce complexity into code until you’ve proven you need it. Waiting until you have an actual need for the abstraction proves that the additional complexity you’re adding is actually necessary and that the abstraction you’re creating is the correct one.

That last point bears repeating.

Wait until you have at least 2 or even 3 similar code paths before creating the abstract solution. Otherwise, you may mistake which code needs to be abstracted and end up with an abstraction that is ill-suited to the actual problems you’re trying to solve.

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