Monthly Archives: September 2014
Seattle Code Camp 2014

I gave 2 presentations at Seattle Code Camp today.

The first was a talk about our internship program. I’m still trying to start the conversation on this one. So far it appears no one is talking about this topic. My powerpoint is here: Scaling Craftsmanship Through Apprenticeship. It’s not much more than just a memory-jog for me, but they were asked for so I’m posting them.

The second talk was about Unit Testing Your Javascript. This one sort of went sideways when Chrome refused to load my demo site. That was a challenge! Still, I think it went off okay. The unfortunate reality is that unit testing in Javascript is still pretty hard.  It still feels like a lot of duct tape and baling work to make it work. That said, I’ve put together a demo application that shows how we do it at work.

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentations. I hope you enjoyed them!