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NBuilder 6.0.0 Released

Thank you to the contributors who submitted pull requests for the issues that were important to them. A summary of the changes for NBuilder 6 are as follows:

  • Breaking Change: WithConstructor
    • No longer takes an Expression<Func<T>>.
    • Takes a Func<T>.
    • Marked [Obsolete] in favor of WithFactory
    • This change was to address an issue in which the constructor expression was not being reevaluated for each item in a list.
  • Feature: @AdemCatamak Added support for IndexOf as part of the ListBuilder implementation.
var products = new Builder()
    .IndexOf(0, 2, 5)
    .With(x => x.Title = "A special title")
  • Feature: @PureKrome Added support for DateTimeKind to RandomGenerator
var result = randomGenerator.Next(DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MaxValue, DateTimeKind.Utc);
  • Feature: Added DisablePropertyNamingFor(PropertyInfo) overload to BuilderSettings.
  • Feature: Added TheRest as an extension to the ListBuilder.
var results = new Builder()
        .Do(row => row.String1 = "One")
        .Do(row => row.String1 = "Ten")
  • Bug: Last item in enum is never generated when generating property values randomly.
  • Bug: Lost strong name when porting to .NET Standard.
  • Bug: Non-deterministic behavior when calling TheLast multiple times for the same range.
NBuilder 5.0.0 Released: Now the .NET Standard 1.6 Support

NBuilder 5.0.0 is now available on NuGet.org.

Breaking Changes

We have dropped support for .NET 3.5. It is becoming cumbersome to support such an old framework in the build chain. We now support .NET 4.0 and above.

Exciting New Features

NBuilder is now available to .NET Core 1.1 applications via .NET Standard 1.6. This was an enormous amount of work made possible in a large part by the efforts of a contributor PureKrome. Thanks PureKrome!