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WPF/Silverlight View-ViewModel Binding Patterns

I’m trying to catalog View-ViewModel Binding Patterns so that I can compare their strengths and weaknesses. So far I can think of 2 basic ones. The names I gave them are made up. What are the others?

Name: View-Instantiation.

Description: The View directly instantiates the ViewModel and assigns it to the data context.





Pros: Easy to set up and get going. Easy to add design-time data.

Cons: Requires default constructor on ViewModel. This makes Dependency Injection scenarios difficult.


Name: View Templates

Description: The View is chosen by a data template associated with the ViewModel type.

Pros: ViewModels fit easily into Dependency Injection scenarios.

Cons: Design-time data is more difficult to accommodate. Tooling cannot tell the type of the ViewModel associated to the View during View development.