Announcing the Yodelay .NET Framework Extensions Project

I have created an open-source project on CodePlex called “Yodelay”. From the project description:

The Yodelay .NET Framework Extensions project provides a library of components that make many kinds of programming tasks simpler. These include basic MVVM components, Unit Test Extensions, and a poor-man’s Dependency Injection library.

Most of the classes and extension methods in this library are rei-mplementations or adaptations of components I have written in other places. Some of them have been found in various forms on developer blogs. Where this is true, I have indicated where I retrieved the original source code in the comments. This library is not just a collection of random classes. The attempt here is to bring all of these components together and use them in an integrated fashion to develop stable applications faster.

Not all code in this project is currently covered by unit tests. This is because many of the classes were adapted from blogs or other existing projects and may not have been developed using TDD. Every effort will be made to bring existing classes under test coverage, and to practice TDD when adding new code.

Why did I call it Yodelay? For no other reason than I like the way the word sounds. It rolls off the tongue easily, which is the effect I hope the library has on applications.

There is no installer yet. Yodelay is in version 0.1, but there are already quite a few goodies in the library. Everything is built against the 4.0 framework. I will try to work on it a little each week, adding new components and demo projects when I can. In the near future I will be signing the assemblies and building an installer for them.


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