Moving to the DC Metro Area

My girlfriend Emily was recently accepted into a graduate program at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. Through the efforts of a diligent recruiter at Apex Systems I have accepted a position at USIS in the Vienna, VA area. This will be a big change for me. Not only will it mark the first time I have lived away from upstate South Carolina, it will also be the first time I’ve lived and worked in a metropolitan area the size of DC.

We have found an apartment in Annandale which is merely outrageously expensive (or in DC area terms, "cheap"). I am looking forward to attending the capitol area .NET developers group, as well as touring the homes of some of the nations’ founding fathers. Once I finish my degree, I intend to begin taking guitar lessons and finding ways to be useful to the Ayn Rand Center.

My new job will most likely focus on web development. I’m looking forward to dusting off my ASP .NET chops and giving them a much-needed upgrade. I’m also hoping to be able to do more experimentation with Silverlight and oData. My primary hobby interest at the moment is in fluent api’s. I’m getting much better at defining the API I’d like to have (yodelay has a recent example of that; see the “Require.That… api” in the Validation namespace), but I still lack the skills needed to bring the more complex API’s into implementation. Perhaps I’ll meet some devs in DC that can help me with that.

2 thoughts on “Moving to the DC Metro Area

  1. If you like fluent interfaces, you should learn Lisp. Or any other functional programming language that supports macros.

    Greenspun’s Tenth Rule of Programming indeed.

    1. I like the idea of learning Lisp, but I work professionally in .NET. I’d like to master the art of building expressions using a fluent api as in the NUnit “Assert.That…” syntax.

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