Odin-Commands 0.2.1 Released: Before & After Execute Hooks

Today I released Odin-Commands 0.2.1 on nuget.org.

What’s New?

I was writing a CLI command when I released it would be nice to be able to set default values for the Common Parameters on the command prior to executing the action.
The difficulty is that some of the default parameter values are composed from other parameter values but all of them are settable by the user.
To achieve this goal I added overridable OnBeforeExecute and OnAfterExecute methods to the Command class.

How do I use it?

<br />public class MyCommand: Command

  protected override void OnBeforeExecute(MethodInvocation invocation)
     ApplyDefaultValues(); // or do other stuff prior to executing the invocation.

  protected override int OnAfterExecute(MethodInvocation invocation, int result)
    // you can return a different exit code if you need to.
    return base.OnAfterExecute(invocation, result);


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