Deployment Pattern: Service Health API

I’m in the midst of setting Redacted Financial Services Inc. up to use Octopus Deploy. An issue we’ve had with automated deployments in the past is that the tooling reports that everything is okay, but later we find out the software is misconfigured for the environment it’s installed in. To resolve this problem we’ve started including a service health api into our deployed web services & sites. At the end of any deployment we can issue a GET to the api and have the site tell us whether or not it is at least configured in such a way that it can access its dependent databases and services. Anything other than a 200 and we fail the deployment. We are also handing this api call off to Nagios for monitoring.

The code sample below demonstrates the implementation of this api. We deliver as a code-based add-in using our internal nuget feed. It includes health checks for Sql Server, Couchbase, Rabbit MQ, and standard REST services. This code is longish and we’ll probably open source it after we’ve had a chance to bake it. If you try it out let me know how it works for you.

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