NBuilder 4.0.0 Released

It’s been 5 years since a version of NBuilder was released. As happens to many of us, the original author got busy with life and was unable to spend the time brining it up to date. I volunteered to shepherd the project along, but I was also waylaid by life. However, I was recently able to spend some focused time fixing the final bugs and getting together an automated build with AppVeyor.

Given that it’s been 5 years, it’s impossible to know fully what has been changed. I did put together release notes for the things I know were changed.

My next task will be to port NBuilder to .NET Core

Release Notes for NBuilder 4.0.0

Breaking changes

1. Obsolete methods have been removed.

Any method previously marked with the Obsolete attribute has now been removed.

2. Silverlight No Longer Supported

As Silverlight is effective a dead technology, we have officially ended support for it. This will allow us to better focus on
a forthcoming release with .NET Core support.

New Features

1. Builder has a non-static implementation.

This will allow you to create customized BuilderSettings for different testing scenarios.

Old Code

<br />var results = Builder<MyObject>.CreateListOfSize(10).Build();

New Code

<br />var settings = new BuilderSettings()
var results = new Builder(settings).CreateListOfSize<MyObject>(10).Build();

2. With and Do action now supports a signature that receives an index.


<br />var builderSettings = new BuilderSettings();
var list = new Builder(builderSettings)
        .Do((row, index) => row.Int = index*2)
        .WithConstructor(() => new MyClassWithConstructor(1, 2f))

Bug Fixes

  • The decimal separator was wrong for some cultures.
  • Random number generation of decimals was sometimes incorrect.
  • Sequences were not created in the correct order.
  • Random strings were not always generated between the expected lengths.

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