NBuilder 6.0.0 Released

Thank you to the contributors who submitted pull requests for the issues that were important to them. A summary of the changes for NBuilder 6 are as follows:

  • Breaking Change: WithConstructor
    • No longer takes an Expression<Func<T>>.
    • Takes a Func<T>.
    • Marked [Obsolete] in favor of WithFactory
    • This change was to address an issue in which the constructor expression was not being reevaluated for each item in a list.
  • Feature: @AdemCatamak Added support for IndexOf as part of the ListBuilder implementation.
var products = new Builder()
    .IndexOf(0, 2, 5)
    .With(x => x.Title = "A special title")
  • Feature: @PureKrome Added support for DateTimeKind to RandomGenerator
var result = randomGenerator.Next(DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MaxValue, DateTimeKind.Utc);
  • Feature: Added DisablePropertyNamingFor(PropertyInfo) overload to BuilderSettings.
  • Feature: Added TheRest as an extension to the ListBuilder.
var results = new Builder()
        .Do(row => row.String1 = "One")
        .Do(row => row.String1 = "Ten")
  • Bug: Last item in enum is never generated when generating property values randomly.
  • Bug: Lost strong name when porting to .NET Standard.
  • Bug: Non-deterministic behavior when calling TheLast multiple times for the same range.

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