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IlMerge in TeamCity

I wanted to IlMerge an assembly in a TeamCity project. TeamCity has a Powershell build step that you can use to run your own arbitrary scripts. Here’s how I did it

TeamCity Configuration


Powershell Script

Pro Tip: How to Fix an Empty Non-Editable TeamCity Configuration Parameter

I had a situation in which one of my configuration parameters in a TeamCity build did not have a name or a value. Because it was supposedly used by one of my build steps I couldn’t delete it. Because it didn’t have a name or value I couldn’t run the build. I tried editing the value, but the name is uneditable.

The answer is that I had a double-% character on one of my build steps. TeamCity uses the % character as a flag to indicate a configuration parameter. I had %PARAMETER%%. in one of the build step fields.  All I had to do is change it to %PARAMETER% and everything was fine.