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While waiting on vm installations of Ubuntu and Debian Linux, I discovered via gizmodo. Ninite will bulk-install a range of different free apps on Windows systems. As I’ve just upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, I’m happy to find this time saver!

The way it works

On the main page, you select the apps you wish to install, and ninite builds a custom installer based on your selections. This is a file that you download, so it is transferrable to other machines. If you have other free products you’d like to see as part of the ninite installer, you can recommend them to the site.

When I first tried executing the custom installer on Windows 7, I got an unspecified error. Running the installer as Administrator seems to have resolved that issue. In addition, Ninite was smart enough to detect which software was already installed.

My choices

Chrome Browser

Windows Messenger and Google Talk

iTunes and Hulu Desktop

Paint.NET and Picasa

Flash Player for IE and other browsers and Silverlight

Google Earth



I took the opportunity to suggest Kantaris as another media player, and Virtual Clone Drive for DVD image software. I used to use Deamon Tools Lite but I haven’t been able to get it to work in 64-bit Windows 7.

Original Gizmodo link:

Starting Point

This is my first post on a new blog. My goal with this blog is to continuously improve my skills by sharing what I’ve learned, and inviting constructive criticism from the developer community.

I contract full time developing line of business applications for a local manufacturing company. I’m currently focused on developing desktop applications for machine operators in the plants which provide real-time process flow information to decision makers. I also do some part-time work on nights and weekends.

I mostly enjoy working with the Microsoft tool stack, including Visual Studio and SQL Server. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with WPF. Over the last year I’ve become compentent in WPF, WCF, Silverlight, Linq to Sql, and Entity Framework.

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