Isg.EntityFramework 0.4.2 Released to NuGet

Isg.EntityFramework.Interceptors was renamed to Isg.EntityFramework. The interceptors are still present, but I’ve added some work around EntityFramework Configuration.


  • InterceptorDbContext is obsolete. Please use Isg.EntityFramework.DbContextBase
  • DbContextBase adds support for a ModelConfigurationProvider
  • The default ModelConfigurationProvider scans the assembly that your DbContextBase subclass lives in and finds all instances of EntityTypeConfiguration<> and loads them.
  • I added some extension methods to make specifying a non-identity primary key column and computed column a little more straightforward. The EntityFramework method works fine, but isn’t very discoverable. Now it’s Property(<expression>).IsIdentity(false) and Property(<expression>).Computed().
  • Isg.EntityFramework is built against EntityFramework 4.3

Isg.EntityFramework is growing slowly but surely. I would love to hear your ideas about what features you would like to see.


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