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TDD Presentation Resources

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk on TDD at CMAP. The demo code and outline I will be using can be found on bitbucket here.

Here is the outline for the talk:

  • I. Tools
    • A. Framework
    • B. Test Runner
    • C. Brains
  • II. Test Architecture
    • A. Test Fixture
    • B. Setup
    • C. Test Method
    • D. TearDown
  • III. Process
    • A. Red
    • B. Green.
    • C. Refactor.
    • D. Rinse and Repeat.
  • IV. Conventions
    • A. At least one testfixture per class.
    • B. At least one test method per public method.
    • C. Test Method naming conventions
      • i. MethodUnderTest_ConditionUnderTest_ExpectedResult
    • D. Test Method section conventions
      • i. Arrange
      • ii. Act
      • iii. Assert
  • V. Other Issues
    • A. Productivity Study
    • B. Testing the UI
      • i. Not technically possible without more tooling/infrastructure
      • ii. MVC patterns increate unit-test coverage.
      • iii. Legacy code.
        • a. Presents special problems.
        • b. Touching untested legacy code is dangerous.
        • c. Boy-Scout rule.
        • d. Use your own judgment
    • C. Pros and Cons
      • i. Pros
        • a. Quality.
        • b. Encourage a more loosely-coupled design.
        • c. Document the work that is done.
        • d. Regression testing.
        • e. Increased confidence in working code means changes are easier to make.
        • f. Encourages devs to think about code in terms of API instead of implementation.
          • 1. Makes code more readable.
          • 2. Readable code communicates intent more clearly.
          • 3. Readable code reduces the need for additional non-code documentation.
      • ii. Cons
        • a. Takes longer to develop.
        • b. Test code must be maintained as well.
        • c. Requires that devs adapt to new ways of thinking about code.
    • D. Notes
CMAP Presentation

My “Introduction to Test Driven Development” talk was accepted for the Fall 2010 CMAP! From the talk description:

This talk will demonstrate the basics of writing unit-tests, as well as how Test Driven Development solves many common software development problems. We will cover some of the research that has been done on the effectiveness of TDD. We will also deal some of the more common questions and concerns surrounding TDD such as productivity, testing the UI, and testing legacy code.